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Munchkinland Preschool & Family Daycare

4710 Cabrillo , San Francisco , CA, 94121
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8:00am - 6:00pm
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Infant: $13/h
Toddler: $13/h
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Center Overview

At Munchkinland we use an eclectic child-centered approach to teach our Munchkins. First and foremost we follow our core belief which is Safety, Learning, and Fun! Lot’s of Fun! For our teaching portion we draw from Kumon, Montessori, Direct Teaching Method, Cooperative Teaching Method, Inquiry-based learning, Imagination, Outdoors, Play, etc…- we make every opportunity to create a teaching moment. Children have structured classes daily- aside from their learning through play, and absorbing on going teaching moments :) Overall teaching consists of Language & Literacy, Social-Emotional, Creative Expression, Mathematics, Wellness, etc… Munchkinland helps your child get ready for school. The educational program and daily activities focus on developing or improving the following skills for school: Literacy, Math, Fine and Gross Motor, Visual Perception, Problem Solving, Social and Communication, Ability to Deal Constructively with emotions, Self-help skills, etc... All while we "play."

About the School Director

Mrs. Alice has wanted to be a Preschool Director since the age of 12- very much inspired by her Best Friends Mom, who was running a preschool at the time - All the babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, were just so sweet and darling to her, she wanted to create Munchkinland- because “there is no place like home” for the Munchkins- a second home :) Throughout her journey through school, she found herself in the role of a big sister, a peer counselor, a conflict manager, a tutor, and a babysitter since the age of 10 :) She has a younger sister- 9.5 years difference. The idea of helping kiddos, parents, families, and people in general very much appealed to her, hence she perused a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, following a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, and getting State Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Alice worked with the geriatric population- developing tolerance and incredible patience- which comes in handy with her Munchkins. While she maintains a small private practice helping individuals and families- she very much looks forward to her days filled with laughter, silliness, and learning at Munchkinland :) She is a mom of an amazing boy and a super girl :)